Our Sponsors


Why Sponsor Us ?

Space science has always been mankind’s prime interest, and now you have been offered a platform to be a part of this ‘Quest’. It is a humble initiative and we require your support to guide us into being the fore-runners of this ambitious project. The very concept of being associated in developing a student satellite is itself intriguing.

  • It is a unique and valuable publicity platform to strengthen the brand image of your organization and focus on reaching out to a talented yet diverse set of individuals.
  • An opportunity to associate with ‘M.I.T’ and Manipal University brand names.
  • Sponsoring Parikshit will help you in broadening your horizon and reaching entities by being one of our privileged sponsor.
  • Being guided by ISRO, Parikshit is in safe hands and we assure you that your support is rightly spent.
  • You also present an example to other corporate entities by contributing to the country’s research programme.
Sponsor’s Benefits

NEWSLETTER: Our personal newsletter will be published once a month with the name and Logo of the sponsor given the highest preference.

WEBSITE: A logo of the company along with a company description and a link to the company’s website will be provided on the sponsor’s page of the website and a logo will be provided on the home page of the web site.

SPACE ON OUR BROCHURE: Name and the logo of the sponsor will be mentioned in all the brochures that Parikshit comes up with after each review by the ISRO.

FESTS INVITE (TECHINCAL) AND TALKS: The sponsors will get to advertise its name in all the events that Parikshit organizes in technical fests of the college and otherwise.

INVITE FOR THE ANNUAL EVENING: The Parikshit team will conduct an annual evening for all those associated with the project, wherein the sponsors get to interact and lobby with the team and other corporates thereby strengthening their industrial limits.

APPAREL: The logo of the co-sponsors will  be permanently displayed on the back of the official T-shirts of Parikshit, which will be won by the team and made for the faculty members and also for the sponsorship (on request). It will be worn by the team during national and international.

PROTOTYPE: The sponsors get to display the prototype of our satellite of the promotion during their events, thus showing their important contribution towards the country’s research programme.

INVITE FOR REVELATION: The biggest event that Parikshit will conduct the in unveiling of the actual satellite and handing it over to ISRO, will be witnessed by our privileged sponsor.